Why Politics Mean Nothing to a Eurasian

Why do Asian women love white men? Is it because Asian men are unattractive? Is it because Asian men are patriarchal assholes?

The answer is that it doesn’t matter; the outcome is the same. A Eurasian male. Having children and giving them a good life goes well beyond being able to have mutual attraction and having sex; and even if the mutual attraction is structured as such because of biological or political reasons, the fact remains that the child is still stuck with the outcome of being an Eurasian male (and more often than not, an ASIAN LOOKING MALE) born to a man and woman who cared little for the issues of Asian men. 

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To the White Males Telling Me It’s All in My Head

That I suffer from social dysfunction.

A heads up:

I am not socially dysfunctional. I was reasonably well adjusted up until the point that I was brutally treated for a reason that had to do with my race. I am not going to make more and more articles about these experiences as simple back search can revisit them.

Who the FUCK is a white person, who never had the experience of being rudely denied something that is fundamentally attainable for any white person (including my own father), to claim that a Eurasian male, the son of a White father and an Asian mother, who was denied more than once basic things: access to social groups, dates, employment, etc., that it’s all fundamentally in my head?

Social dysfunction, if anything, is developed after a series of negative results that severely limit ones self esteem.

By and large, white males, who benefit from a system that rewards them for whiteness – particularly among Asian women – to tell Asian and Eurasian men that they are in the wrong for pointing this out?

The only thing they’re doing is visibly encouraging me to keep on pushing this issue.

The bottom line is: the White male / Asian female relationship is based explicitly or not so explicitly on the superiority of the white male (in providing lifestyle, looks, sex, genes, whatever), and the Eurasian son is neither categorically able to provide these things to both his inherent cultures (Asian and white).

The cost of whiteness; and other thoughts 

Since the blog’s readership is increasing, I figured I would write a bit on some subjects for anyone interested; I think there are a bunch of full Asians reading this blog so I’ll leave some advice for them too.

On whiteness:

It’s obvious to me now that Asian women are willing to overlook monumental character flaws in order to achieve whiteness – through their kids. I don’t need to really elaborate on this since you can see it when going outside. My father is and was so far engrained in paleoconservative conspiracies that he left New York and his job, his 401k, because of his seething hatred of Jews and belief that the apocalypse was happening after 9/11.

Not to say that all white males are like this, but it definitely says something that Asian women so vastly prefer white men that they disregard the fact that Asian men have the highest income in the U.S.

My mom’s sisters (she has three) are all successful; one married and divorced from a tall white guy, and is now with another one and childless (I suspect this is because she saw how my brother and I turned out). The other two sisters married Asian men in their 20’s and now are very wealthy, with millions if not hundred millions.

My father is sleeping every night on the floor of a one bedroom apartment in the loft of a refurbished farm house in a rural town in one of the poorest states in the country.

And what benefit did it give me? Mental illness, cultural confusion, self hatred, exclusion from white social circles, exclusion from rising China, and exclusion from the same culture that I was raised to believe valued me for both my “hapaness” and my Chineseness. When I was younger I passed as white (and even in my 20’s took pride in it to an extreme – i.e., Stormfront membership) but the minute that I was recognized as Chinese I started spiraling into depression; I didn’t even look at photographs of myself and still don’t out of fear of looking Asian. Being used for my white face by family members – and then ten minutes later being told “you look Chinese,” was a pretty big source of strife in my life well until I was 24.

On Hapa life:

The entire shtick of being hapa is that Hapas are somehow wonderful, beautiful additions to the American tapestry. The reality is that America is extremely racist and Asian women get a pass from this because they can utilized their bodies to ensure survival. This isn’t anything different from the age-old conquest of cities and the assimiliation of the conquered women. (You can’t tell me that millions of Americans love to watch shows like Game of Thrones that involve human brutality then go about their lives pretending that that brutality exists in real life, on a daily basis; once again, the hypocrisy of Americans).

This would be a good idea if human beings were animals. Instead these Asian women are creating children who are expected to accept that Asian men are implicitly inferior and that it is perfectly normal for Asian women to prefer white men.

The entire premise of life, then, becomes stupid.

On the good Asian wife:

The “good” Asian woman stereotype, that my father bought into, is manufactured by Asian women to appeal to a higher class of men. They know they come off as higher value than white women and use it to secure higher quality sperm; after the child is born the marriage quickly becomes sexless and nagging and money based. Again, read my fucking blog to learn more about the marriage of my mother and father.

On struggle:

I suggest full Asians don’t really worry about this shit and just enjoy their lives. These women are creating essentially a fifth column in America (if the child himself isn’t cuckolded to the max like most Americans who slap around in sandals pretending “it’s all good”). It’s your parents fault for getting married and creating life that betrayed you; embrace antinatalism and problem solved. When I was at my lowest and within five minutes of killing myself (which you can see at the beginning of this blog), it was a gradual return to normalcy when I realized that at least I had fucking food to eat.

On the differences in types of AW/WM:

In Asia proper there are a number of Asian women who seek white males as a way to strike back at a culture they think has wronged them for their (poor) looks. (Some guy posted this video on reddit). My response:

What I do dislike is the actual good looking women who idealize western culture as a way to climb up in the world and / or fetishize tall white males for whatever reason (biological probbablly). To an extent, I personally think my mother was not attractive objectively, but I can understand how she would be “passable”. She wasn’t unattractive, maybe a 6/10. But she fetishized western culture very hard, and essentially because her father was abusive, she wound up with a white guy whose potential for success was muccccchhhhhh lower than the Asian men her sisters married.

There’s a lot of these girls with white boyfriends who use their boyfriends to increase status, like becoming youtube / youku stars, or using their kids for more views on Weibo, etc. I see decent looking girls with white guys sometimes, and they’re always either shopping, or making a very public display of their relationship. Even if the white male doesn’t admit it the relationship is still hinged on the fact that he is white, not on any personal growth or personal qualities. And after seeing this so many times is when a light went off in my head about my parents’ relationship and their dysfunctions became quite clear to me.

It’s funny because when you see women like that, the husband is rarely in the photograph (often stuck in a sexless marriage), with the child being shown off like an accessory. I was in a similar situation when I was young. Some of the photos are on my blog and in them you can see my father is essentially physically separated from my mother in all of the photos.

(I only posted a couple pics with faces blurred out because I don’t want to hurt my father).

A Slight Primer For any Asian Men reading this

Foreign or western.

I think most of you know what’s going on, but if you don’t, it’s really not worth worrying about.

It dawned on me that Asian women will hold much lower standards for white males, because they genuinely view them as superior. The extent of this, I’m not sure. I can’t say for certain what percentage of women think like this but it could be all of them, for all I know.

Your problem is that you marry these women. It’s perfectly okay to live your life alone; sex can be gotten through relationships with other races of women or through prostitution. I beg of you to not marry these women and rather to let them give birth to men like me. Once their lusts wear off, frankly the marriages become disastrous and I am testament to that. Moreover Asian women are women, human women, governed by the laws of human women, wherein sex is levied in exchange for some sort of currency, be it emotional, physical, monetary, or racial, or even the investment of time itself. Furthermore, depriving yourself of egotism and desire for sex also deprives future generations from a woman that can satiate their sexual urges, so in a way you are saving yourself and your future dignity from the embarrassment. Slip off the Confucian bullshit and just enjoy life.

My problem is that unlike most Hapas I’m probably above average intelligence; I think like most children the bulk of Hapas are born with depreciating IQ’s (for whatever reason) that doesn’t lend itself towards introspection. So you have a bunch of whit-ish looking Hapas who are more than happy to laud up their white side.

The current world is one where the blanket of hedonism is being waved by people frankly too stupid to find greater purpose in life; it’s not really worth missing out on since this lifestyle is unsustainable and will ultimately lead to cultural collapse from violent outside entities (since you largely have to be white to enjoy hedonism, and the majority of the world is neither white, nor able to engage in laissez-faire existence, as even getting enough food is not easy or even a given).

I suggest you translate this and distribute it on Chinese language message boards, Etc.

Internet Comments from Eurasian Boys that PROVES that AW/WM Breeds Mental Illness

I will keep updating these as I find them.

I tell my readers right now: with the frequency of these relationships and the sickness that goes into them (see the above picture about HATE and LOVE) there are bound to be more and more mentally ill Eurasians out on the streets, posing a threat to society and civilians. Mark my words.

Common themes are:

  • Asian mother’s disdain for Asian males / Asian appearance; yet child is Asian
  • White father’s obliviousness to raising an Asian child; considering the child something he is not; badgering the child with racist comments about Asian men or Asians in general.
  • White father’s paranoia, conservatism, obsession with conspiracy theories, racism against blacks, entitlement as a white male (hence the paranoia that his country is being taken from him, ala Alex Jones).
  • Asian mother’s insistence on teaching culture to a child who in some cases does not even look like her.
  • Asian mother’s micro aggressions about how the child is better because it is half White; micro-aggressions stemming from her disinterest in Asian males yet her duty in raising an Asian looking son (frankly, she can’t, as in her decision to mate with a white male she already unconsciously decided that a white male was the necessary choice for parentage; the son has no men who look like him to serve as his role model).

My White dad says he considers both me and my brother to be full white, but that lately my brother has been looking more Asian. How do you interpret it?(self.hapas)

submitted 3 hours ago* by hlfwhite

I consider myself one of the Asian-looking Hapas, hell there are some full Asians with more white facial features than me. Anyway I was visiting my grandpa, and his neighbor comes up to me and we talk and he says “you’re a spitting image of your grandpa”. His wife goes “really?”. At 1st I thought he was just joking. An Asian guy being the spitting image of a full white old man. But I guess he actually meant it.

Anyway on the cartrip home, I mentioned this incident to my parents. And my Asian mom says “see you’re WHITE”, since I’ve been complaining a lot about how hellish life is for Asian males.

Then my white dad says that hes always seen both me and my brother as just white. And my mom says she sees us as Asian. And ok maybe theres nothing sinister there, parents just see themselves in their kids.

My dad says that he sees both of us as white. But then he says except for my brother lately. I interpret this to mean that my brother has become more Asian looking over the last few years. Hes like 2 inches shorter than me, and has a smaller frame. Neither of us have ever had a girlfriend. I had always considered my brother the more white-looking one. One of my mom’s Asian friends even said that I look like my Asian mom and my brother looks like my white dad. Then there was this incident where a Black coworker said that my brother looks like me, except more Asian.

The whole conversation was very weird to me. I’m clearly very Asian looking, so the only way to see “just a white guy” in me, is if thats what you want to see. And the thing about my brother becoming Asian over the last few years, that was weird too.

What do you interpret all this to mean? Is it just a dad naturally thinking his sons look like him or is it prizing whiteness as something valuable?

[–]BetaDungeonMasterla hapa da rappa 38 points 4 days ago*

I hate how stereotypical my family is. I’m a hapa. My mom was a filipina mail-order bride who was adamant about marrying a white American. She settled for a white Englishman when he promised to move to the US, which they did after they had my older brother. My dad is a socially stunted physicist who couldn’t get a wife, and a know-it-all prick. Despite being a physicist, we still lived pretty poor cause he worked as low-level computer technician. I grew up barely hearing English cause my mom was heavy into the Fil-Am community, but I didn’t speak Tagalog since my dad thought it would fuck up my English (despite marrying a native English speaker). My dad was pretty much absent my entire life (he was there, just drinking or unconscious). I never really got to be invested in the Fil-Am community because I was monolingual and everyone favored Tagalog or Bicolano, while I was picked on for being asian when in primary school. I shouldn’t have even been picked on for being asian cause everyone assumed I was latino, but I was a tryhard to be accepted as asian since the other filipinos wouldn’t accept me. The worst part is that now I’m trying to rebuild my relationship with my parents and opened up, and my dad adamantly believes I never encountered racism because I’m half-white, even claiming that I was called gook and spic because I was fat. It doesn’t help that he is really racist, doing shit like making fun of asian accents or claiming that China doesn’t have electricity outside of Hong Kong and big cities. I really wish my mom didn’t marry him, but I don’t think I’d like being a poor kid in Manila either.

Now I don’t give a shit if people consider me asian anymore cause I know I am either way, but remembering all this shit still hurts. I can’t let go of all this shit, and I don’t know why.

EDIT: Yeah my dad sucks, but really? Embrace both sides of your heritage guys. I still do, even if my dad is shitty at being a dad. Hate the racism, but don’t hate yourselves for being mixed. That’s a recipe for being miserable for the rest of your life.

Asian Women Don’t “Love” (Actually they do – they love money and status)

Remember when I said that I would expose Asian women for what they really were?

There are several semi-visible “progressive” Asian women out there who are vocal in the media and on the internet about the experiences of “mixed race children,” although these women are all uniformly married to white men, and only white men; there is little about Blasians, half-Indian / half-Asian children, half-Hispanic children (unless the guy looks Caucasian), and almost all of the products of these relationships are from Caucasian fathers (even Jewish, which itself represents status and wealth).

How about this one? Here is a woman in Brooklyn named Jenna Park who works as a relatively well known (for all I know) designer and is ironically founder of the “Mixed Race Project,” which like many other Asian women, only became a post-30’s job after she realized that there were consequences to her hatred and that she couldn’t actually turn herself white via association with white men.

Similar to my story, when she was young she married and got pregnant by a tall white guy (it had to be a white guy). My mother, fresh off the boat, literally threw herself at my 6’2″ father and eventually they got married; but several years later she began to savagely hate him, abuse him, call him worthless and even summon the law on him, all out of a sheer hatred for his inability to make money and his general meekness and conservatism, which not by coincidence, are all characteristics of a man who would marry a self-hating and racist Asian woman. (I.e., women who reward a man’s whiteness and nothing else). Another one of my cousins only recently started pushing for a divorce less than four years after marrying her husband – who also is tall but extremely meek, and lacking in lucrative employment (being only a tutor).

Lo and behold, some years after Jenna’s internal Asian hypergamy kicked in and she realized that he wasn’t making enough money. Asian women and people are renowned both among themselves and the larger world for being quite obsessed with money, and any Asian person would attest that this obsession is almost at a genetic level, to the point that it repeatedly resurfaces in international news. It would be funny if it didn’t have such a resemblance to my parent’s own marriage; she had her fun, but now, being an Asian woman, she becomes genetically wired to get money. Which her husband wasn’t providing. Asian women are well known even in China for wanting a house, car and a hu kou (i.e., residency status in a decent city like Beijing or Shanghai). Now, instead of living in the luxury of Beijing or Seoul or even in Manhattan, she’s stuck in a sexless marriage in an overpriced tenement walk-up in Brooklyn.

Literally – almost word for word – this kind of reality surfaces, almost mirroring the experiences of my parents – when they’re young, they want white guys (for whatever reason, lust, superficial status, whiter kids)  – but when they get older – the fantasy of who these men really are breaks down and they realize what could have been; and in my case, what could have been was a centi-millionaire lifestyle like my Chinese relatives, and their healthy, well adjusted children all have. How many other stories like this go untold – stories where the woman only values one thing – race and height – at the expense of EVERYTHING – including the own mental and physical prosperity of her own children?

These people are monsters, MONSTERS, and you should point your fingers at them whenever you see them.

What’s more, she’s the creator of the bullshit afterthought Mixed Race Project; she also admits that when she was young she was a white-washed (read: only dated White men) woman who was able to find a partner because of her privilege of being part of a desirable ethnic gender group. I’m also guessing she was extremely cruel to Asian men, even though she lived in Brooklyn, which is minority white. Yet she still married a white male!

Eurasians: This Was Your Mother

Look closely at this. Eventually this woman is going to have children.

If there wasn’t a market for this – if enough people didn’t believe it, then Esther Ku wouldn’t be on stage saying this kind of thing. Now look at the comments – there are enough white men there both agreeing with her, and white knighting her, meaning that White men – like your, and my father – are fully aware of the stereotypes, support them, agree with what she is saying, and still engage in relationships with Asian woman.

The thing is – you can say, “my parents weren’t like that.” But given the fact that 99% of Asian woman and White male relationships are like this – are you willing to give them the benefit of the doubt? In the twenty or so years since you were born – you don’t think that at some point down the line your parents got rid of their racist attitudes and realized that they had to pretend that they never acted like this?  Even still – by engaging in their relationship and not actively speaking out against this kind of thing, they are simply reaffirming this kind of shit.

For what it’s worth, you, and I, are better off not giving them the benefit of the doubt. I sincerely feel sorry for any Eurasian man that is able to respect his parents. If my mother were still alive I would tell her to fuck off and die.