Reddit Dump: “I am an Asian woman engaged to a white man, concerned about my future sons.”

As if Asian women are going to give a single shit about us… but I’m still posting here as a sort of canary in the coal mine.

My notes: I just started thinking about how Asian women favoring white men doesn’t actually have to do necessarily with self hatred, (although it does), but a desire for “excitement” and “rebellion.” The fact that us Eurasians are left as a result with no solid ethnic identity and that this excitement and rebellion uniformly revolves around that which White men and western culture provides – we are left out of this exciting culture because of our appearance and constantly reminded that we are Asian men, even by the Asian women who are having such a good time “escaping.”

On top of that we’re brought into a world and told that it’s personality and ability that matters… yet we look exactly like the kind of men our mothers and fathers spent decades of their lives laughing at.

Rebellion and excitement is not a foundation for a relationship or for raising a child with healthy self esteem unless the child looks like the object of desire and excitement and even then not so much.

In this way we have so many broken WMAW families and so many broken Hapas who turn to drugs and crime to escape perpetual feelings of inferiority. As Hapas we are expected to just accept that white men are better fathers / sperm donors and take pride in being Asian, in the same breath. Logically it makes no sense.

I am an Asian woman engaged to a white man, concerned about my future sons.

Top rated quote:

You need to make sure your husband understands that racism isn’t some made up thing that minorities complain about. He needs to understand that your son WILL have it harder in the dating scene and that he might resent other members of the family. Asian women enjoy a ton of sexual privilege. White men enjoy even more. And Eurasian women (his sisters) are probably the single most desirable demographic when it comes to dating/relationships. Eurasian men are all the way on the other end of the spectrum, doing well with pretty much only Asian girls. DO NOT LIE TO YOUR FUTURE SON. DO NOT TELL HIM HIS RACE OR GENDER DO NOT MATTER. Why AMWF hapas are so normal by comparison is that they don’t desperately and obsessively wish they were white 24/7 because they identify with their asian father. Also usually when it’s AMWF the Asian guy is cool whereas with WMAF the white guy is often a socially awkward loser. 

I can’t repeat enough how little I think of white men’s abilities to raise minority children but if you love him and he is willing to learn then teach him. If he’s a fuckwit like nexdemise who complains about anti-white racism and SJWs then you need to drop him instantly. If he’s a fuckwit who claims to be “colorblind” and appears otherwise liberal then he is teachable but is still a fuckwit until taught correctly.

That being said I legitimately wish you happiness.

User /u/trustmeimhapa

The rest of them have mental problems. Depression, suicide, crime, drug abuse, mental breakdown, inferiority feelings. It’s a tragedy.

And all likelihood is it won’t change. White males would have to give up the power. Ain’t gonna happen. We’re screwed. Just bi-products of Asian inferiority and white supremacy. Like we are some sort of trophy that our father conquered the Asians.

It’s not gonna get better so we just have to focus on making it less worse.

Conversation between OP and another poster:

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Why does dating a white guy automatically mean she is self hating? My brother married a white woman, is he also self hating?

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because you’re more likely to be dating a racist, a supremacist like Nexdemise. someone who disdains asian men or has no regard for them but will date asian women exclusively. I can already point that out in this thread.

Good to know. Thanks. Seriously though, ad hominems all around. I might as well go “2 inch chink chode”.

I bet you thought he was a nice white guy with an asian gf. This is what you don’t see from your white men. the side that wants to snuff out any link to your race that you or your kids have left. they are not at all interested in raising proud asians. actually you two can go on perfectly fine and have girls but an asian son would be subject to his father’s and asian women’s belittling of asian men. listen to this podcast at 6:30. shit like this is normal in white society.

More aggregated comments:

Lol at all these careerist women who run off with a foreign man to a foreign country and only think about money, then in their 30s and 40s start caring about their “roots” and “Chinese culture”. Of course the kids are negatively affected, as the mother will force them into language classes and “cultural events”, only to resent them for not being real Chinese.

On a post about blogger Xiaxue feminizing her half Asian son:

This post resonates with me. My mother used to dress me up in dresses like a girl when I was that age. She used to always feminize the shit out of me growing up as a kid too.

She made me moisturize my hands till they looked like girls hands, condition my hair everyday. Talk to people from a feminine asian position of submission and over extreme politeness. To be ultra clean like a girl would be – rejecting any male like traits like they were bad for me. I could go on and on.

I hate it more than you can imagine.

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Maybe she wanted a hapa girl lile 99% of wmaf couples.

As for other posts, I am considering moving them over to to start cataloguing the large number of complaints and horror stories about being mixed race in America.

Hapa Thought Exercise

Let’s say you did not know your mother and father.

Let’s also say, for this thought exercise, that you were fully Asian. Or as a Hapa, that you looked fully Asian.

In a time of trouble, i.e., a climate of extreme racism, violence against Asians, mass lynchings, extreme anti-Asian propaganda, yellow peril, war with China or North Korea after 2016 elections, etc.

Would your parents (as strangers) have cared about you? Would your mother (as a stranger) have sympathized with you? Would they have reached out to you as an Asian male? Would they have attempted to bolster the community?

This is actually a legitimate question we all as Hapas need to ask ourselves.

I expect most of you to answer: no

To most of the questions. Wake up call, Hapa kiddos.

Am I a Fully Asian Man?

So a lot of people have contrarily been claiming that I am either Asian, or fully White (which makes even less sense).

The truth is I don’t think I could mentally handle being fully Asian. I admit that I am partially biased after moving to China in an attempt to work and start a new life, under the assumption that I would be accepted.

When I first arrived in China, I was oddly enough in a phase where I believed that I was white – I thought literally by some divine miracle that I had managed to be totally white despite having an Asian mother. (I mean that I really believed this. I thought God had somehow “chosen” me; i.e., mental illness).

It was then later that I was constantly called “laowai”, and viewed as being a foreigner that I became self conscious; after that, I became more and more aware of the fact that as I got older, I looked more and more Asian, and when I photographed pictures, I looked Asian. When I gelled my hair – people would mistake me for fully Chinese, or at least “you look like a Chinese” (in broken English).

It then dawned on me why for so long I had attempted to hide my heritage and if indeed I was privileged – but yet not privileged as the blue eyed / blond haired men that are fabled to run around Asia getting thousands of lays.

It then dawned on me that the combination of all of these factors found their root in having a mother who was just like the Asian women I saw around me who chased foreigners; my insecurity and flirtation with white supremacy all stemmed from a deep seated self hatred and from the lack of having parents who were able to instill proper self esteem in me, and even if they had the subconscious micro aggressions that I as a Hapa receive from White males and Asian women around me are a constant reminded of exactly who I am, and who I am not.

Frankly it DOES NOT MAKE SENSE that a Hapa child can have healthy development since these relationships are so common and often times so vile; and I challenge anyone to really answer the question why these relationships are so common and how the children born from them are able to be raised by two people so diametrically opposed to their own self interests.


The fetishization and commoditization of Hapas continues. The Smithsonian APA is asking people to submit their “Hapa” stories. And then hashtag it with #My Hapa Story, in 250 words or less. Here goes.

Like most Hapas, I was born to a white father. But this wasn’t just any white father, he was an extremely paleoconservative, vitriolic racist who believed Asian women were God’s gift to white men. My mother had a strong passion for tall blue eyed white guys, and they got together, eventually giving birth to my brother and me. When I was born, my mother required a C-section (as a huge percentage of these couplings require them), which led to her being infected with Hepatitis during a blood transfusion. Over the remainder of her life, she realized that her fetishization of whiteness amounted to her having married a Neo-Nazi husband who had been filling her sons’ heads with white supremacism; compared to her sisters, who had married Chinese, and were all millionaires, she felt regretful. She consistently reminded us that we were better to be half-white, and Tiger Mommed us on top of that. I started associating looking Asian with not being desired (since my father was white) and spent 25 years attempting to hide my heritage so that I could be accepted in the same way that I saw my mother and women in my family disparaging and avoiding Asian males. She eventually died.

I then started to wonder why exactly the MAJORITY OF ASIAN WOMEN prefer white men. I then began to severely doubt that these relationships were based on love.  After that I started writing this blog and pushing the moderators of to be more active.

250 words, just like they asked.

Dylan Roof’s Manifesto Released; He has “great respect” for East Asians, why didn’t he try to get an East Asian girl for himself? These girls would gladly have dated him!


Link here:

By contrast, “I have great respent for the East Asian races. Even if we were to go extinct they could carry something on. They are by nature very racist and could be great allies of the White race. I am not opposed at all to allies with the Northeast Asian races.”

Lol, how many times have I told you, people with these racist ass tendencies tend to give a pass to Asians and even go on to bang Asian women who are more than happy to sleep with these guys?

Now you see why Elliot Rodger went Elliot Rodger? He had the white entitlement passed down by his father but none of the genetics to back it up.

Asian women are the last resort of white patriarchy.

Believe it – you heard it hear first. You think I just make this shit up? I’m a Eurasian with an Ivy League education and a racist father.

Probably the most real post on WordPress, ever.

Internet Comments from Eurasian Boys that PROVES that AW/WM Breeds Mental Illness

I will keep updating these as I find them.

I tell my readers right now: with the frequency of these relationships and the sickness that goes into them (see the above picture about HATE and LOVE) there are bound to be more and more mentally ill Eurasians out on the streets, posing a threat to society and civilians. Mark my words.

Common themes are:

  • Asian mother’s disdain for Asian males / Asian appearance; yet child is Asian
  • White father’s obliviousness to raising an Asian child; considering the child something he is not; badgering the child with racist comments about Asian men or Asians in general.
  • White father’s paranoia, conservatism, obsession with conspiracy theories, racism against blacks, entitlement as a white male (hence the paranoia that his country is being taken from him, ala Alex Jones).
  • Asian mother’s insistence on teaching culture to a child who in some cases does not even look like her.
  • Asian mother’s micro aggressions about how the child is better because it is half White; micro-aggressions stemming from her disinterest in Asian males yet her duty in raising an Asian looking son (frankly, she can’t, as in her decision to mate with a white male she already unconsciously decided that a white male was the necessary choice for parentage; the son has no men who look like him to serve as his role model).

My White dad says he considers both me and my brother to be full white, but that lately my brother has been looking more Asian. How do you interpret it?(self.hapas)

submitted 3 hours ago* by hlfwhite

I consider myself one of the Asian-looking Hapas, hell there are some full Asians with more white facial features than me. Anyway I was visiting my grandpa, and his neighbor comes up to me and we talk and he says “you’re a spitting image of your grandpa”. His wife goes “really?”. At 1st I thought he was just joking. An Asian guy being the spitting image of a full white old man. But I guess he actually meant it.

Anyway on the cartrip home, I mentioned this incident to my parents. And my Asian mom says “see you’re WHITE”, since I’ve been complaining a lot about how hellish life is for Asian males.

Then my white dad says that hes always seen both me and my brother as just white. And my mom says she sees us as Asian. And ok maybe theres nothing sinister there, parents just see themselves in their kids.

My dad says that he sees both of us as white. But then he says except for my brother lately. I interpret this to mean that my brother has become more Asian looking over the last few years. Hes like 2 inches shorter than me, and has a smaller frame. Neither of us have ever had a girlfriend. I had always considered my brother the more white-looking one. One of my mom’s Asian friends even said that I look like my Asian mom and my brother looks like my white dad. Then there was this incident where a Black coworker said that my brother looks like me, except more Asian.

The whole conversation was very weird to me. I’m clearly very Asian looking, so the only way to see “just a white guy” in me, is if thats what you want to see. And the thing about my brother becoming Asian over the last few years, that was weird too.

What do you interpret all this to mean? Is it just a dad naturally thinking his sons look like him or is it prizing whiteness as something valuable?

[–]BetaDungeonMasterla hapa da rappa 38 points 4 days ago*

I hate how stereotypical my family is. I’m a hapa. My mom was a filipina mail-order bride who was adamant about marrying a white American. She settled for a white Englishman when he promised to move to the US, which they did after they had my older brother. My dad is a socially stunted physicist who couldn’t get a wife, and a know-it-all prick. Despite being a physicist, we still lived pretty poor cause he worked as low-level computer technician. I grew up barely hearing English cause my mom was heavy into the Fil-Am community, but I didn’t speak Tagalog since my dad thought it would fuck up my English (despite marrying a native English speaker). My dad was pretty much absent my entire life (he was there, just drinking or unconscious). I never really got to be invested in the Fil-Am community because I was monolingual and everyone favored Tagalog or Bicolano, while I was picked on for being asian when in primary school. I shouldn’t have even been picked on for being asian cause everyone assumed I was latino, but I was a tryhard to be accepted as asian since the other filipinos wouldn’t accept me. The worst part is that now I’m trying to rebuild my relationship with my parents and opened up, and my dad adamantly believes I never encountered racism because I’m half-white, even claiming that I was called gook and spic because I was fat. It doesn’t help that he is really racist, doing shit like making fun of asian accents or claiming that China doesn’t have electricity outside of Hong Kong and big cities. I really wish my mom didn’t marry him, but I don’t think I’d like being a poor kid in Manila either.

Now I don’t give a shit if people consider me asian anymore cause I know I am either way, but remembering all this shit still hurts. I can’t let go of all this shit, and I don’t know why.

EDIT: Yeah my dad sucks, but really? Embrace both sides of your heritage guys. I still do, even if my dad is shitty at being a dad. Hate the racism, but don’t hate yourselves for being mixed. That’s a recipe for being miserable for the rest of your life.

White Men with Asian Women: don’t you feel at least a little bit guilty that your partner likes you on the condition that you’re white?


  • Once your own son gets wind of this – what will he feel? Do you, or do you not admit, that your son will be Asian?
  • Will your son be Asian? Yes, or no, again. Below is a picture of a Eurasian boy.
  • For a boy to have healthy self esteem in his race, he would need to be able to feel fully comfortable being either race; if he is proud to be Chinese, that would mean, in fact, that he would be fine looking totally Asian?

     Do you or do you not admit that this is true?

I myself know that I would not be fine looking totally Chinese, because of the hostility I would face from Asian women (the ones that eventually grew up to give birth to me)

  • On top of that, the simple question remains, why do you continue to allow your partner to devalue men of other races, on top of the fact that the only reason she values you, is because of the color of your skin?