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“I’ve always had my issues with WMAF, being born of WMAF myself, and living life as a Half-Asian male and seeing 1st hand the extreme sexual inequalities between Whites and Asians in the West.
Reading r/Hapas has been cathartic in a small way, in that I see there are other Hapas out there who feel the same as me, and I’m glad we are at least getting some attention.
But mostly I just feel angered and enraged, the more I read. I just hate WMAF as the greatest evil in the world, and hate myself for being born of WMAF. I feel impotent and weak, since there isn’t much I can do about the situation except fume. Especially the White Males who post at r/Hapas they just make my blood boil. Maybe they’re trolls just trying to get a rise out of me. But I don’t think they are just trolls, as I believe they accurately reflect what the WMAF relationship is all about in the real world.
I just can’t believe that parents can be so evil and make such enemies out of their own children. In a way its not my problem, its their kids problem. But just as a member of the Eurasian race, I’m so angry that WMAFs in general think they can treat us like this. I just want more Eurasians to rise up and fight back. The only silver lining is that I don’t believe I’m unique, I think that most Eurasian men have had similar experiences in life, and they will have the same reaction to reading r/Hapas that I have. Doesn’t this all piss you off? Knowing that other Eurasians have the same feelings, cheers me up a bit, and I know we will win in the longrun.
You guys are all fellow subscribers and readers of r/Hapas. How do you stop it from getting to your head? Doesn’t it all make you very angry? I just feel so helpless, since all I can do with my rage is punch the wall. Maybe I should just go to the gym and let off some steam or some shit.”

Reddit Horror Story #1

Since, the repository for Hapa shit, might be closed down eventually I will start cataloguing the horror stories I find on there. I’ll be focusing on just using my website as a way to save all the conversation there.

Keep in mind there is, which is called a “negative cesspool” and, which is a “positive place.”

The posters use /r/mixedasians as a place to get away from the “negative” people at /r/hapas, but wind up just positing… negative stories.

Of course… we could all be just making this whole thing up, right? That makes it a lot more convenient for these couples to get together without any guilt. Right. It’s all made up.


Do you see yourself as more Asian than your other side? My story and thoughts on this (self.mixedasians)

submitted 4 days ago by halfchineseprincess

So I know that this group is mixedasians, so I presume that people posting here are already fairly into their Asian side.

I’m half European Jewish and half Chinese.

I think I look half Asian at best, I’m getting that a lot more since I got my hair chemically straightened and it has no volume hahaha.

But, I feel way more Chinese inside than Jewish. I barely feel Jewish at all. I don’t talk to my father (Jewish one), and didn’t grow up in that community. I grew up in a very Asian-American suburb in the SF Bay Area. I know I don’t look that Asian, but I feel it a lot more inside.

I have a fair amount of angst of not being accepted by people who are like “YOU CAN’T BE ASIAN NO WAY GET OUT OF HERE!”, but there’s also plenty of people who accept me and see me for what I believe I am. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned to not care as much, but I still feel strange at times.

My favorite book is “The Unwanted” by Kien Nguyen, about growing up Amerasian during the Vietnam war.

I’ve toyed with the idea of learning more about my father’s culture, but I also have some extreme grudges against Jewish-American men and how some have a fixation on Asian women (I also want to work on this, but frankly, I’ve got bigger fish to fry when it comes to self-improvement). My father was very violent, abusive, sexist, and racist, and has a thing for Asian women, especially ones who just came here and don’t speak English. He ruined my mother’s life and crushed her dreams of a good life in America.

I generally just haven’t had amazing experiences with the Jewish-American community, although I do admit they are few and far between. My father’s family isn’t abusive and crazy like he is, but they are very distant. Although they are not straight up cold and admit it is a shame that my father was so terrible to me and my mom, one relative made a comment that he would not fill in the place/take the role of my father or a close relative since he isn’t one, although I could email him anytime!!!. It really hurts that they don’t care about staying in touch with me, and just have this occasional email relationship with me, more or less.

On the other hand, my cousins on my mom’s family don’t speak fluent english but have reached out to befriend me, and I talk to one of them every day and consider him a close friend/the brother I didn’t have, although he lives on the other side of the world.

I experienced a tragic loss, and am currently looking to find religion. Although neither of my parents have any background in the Christian faith, I am thinking most in joining a Christian church. I have been to a Jewish service before when visiting an uncle, and I found it to be cold and uninteresting. They just didn’t seem welcoming if you weren’t already in.

Anyways, my story. Anyone feel the same?

Reddit Comments Part 4

I find when white men online say hateful things, their apologists like to brush it off, as oh thats just a troll. Even IRL they can say, oh hes just one guy. But those excuses don’t work.

The last election results 64% of white males voted for the Republican Party. Its not just that they are conservative but that they have become the party of White Nationalism. I don’t mean Heil Hitler rallies, but they represent the interests of the disgruntled white male who feels he has lost his country. And remember that 64% is the total US white male population, including all the supposed hip, liberal, open-minded blue states.

Just look at the 2012 election results for white males

The white male rage is real, and their new frontier across the Pacific is the solution for many of them. The hypocrisy is that much of their anger is driven by white women dating Black and Muslim men. But imagine if 40% of white women were only dating Black men and excluding whites. How batshit insane would the white man go under those circumstances? We Hapas have to live with it, and be born of it, and yet the same angry white men have the nerve to just laugh off our problems and call us racist.

Similarly when I first came to China I had internalized white supremacist ideals as a way to compensate for my poor self-esteem; white women with black males was a particular trigger for me.

I would say that not all white males are racist but a lot are. I myself have had to combat negative impressions I had about Asians for a long time; (I respected them as people but was not able to come to terms with my Asian appearance, judging myself much harder than even other people judged me). It’s easy for white men to internalize their “marginalization” in society and take it out on people they see as easy targets – Asians.

Even if these sentiments are casual and subconscious, they still exist, and then their own children internalize them, one way or another, and if they’re not properly dealt with, then you have outbursts like ER.

Similarly if a child is raised to be both white enough to benefit from white privilege, yet not white enough to deal with the sexual / psychological / social marginalization that comes from casual and overt white racism, the child is at a unique risk for self-implosion and self-hatred.

My definition of white privilege is as follows: being white means that you are objectively viewed as “neutral” (a positive) rather than being instantly associated as a negative, unless you are exceptional, after which you are viewed as “exceptional.”

[–]TranceFan955 points12 hours ago

wm/af = (almost) always complete beta faggot of a white guy + ugly-ass Asian woman

am/wf = across the whole spectrum, though one thing is clear: the wf cares a LOT more about her Asian kids than the af does. Afterall, if the Asian woman had her way, the kids would come out as pale as a piece of paper!

So yes, both relationships do attract different people, BUT it is the attitude that gets them into these relationship that is more fucked up…and I don’t think we need to explain the motives behind these ‘relationships’ here lol

I do suspect that my mother treated me different based on my “whiter” appearance. As I grew older my appearance became more Asian and ultimately I suspect that when I am 50 I will look completely Chinese; growing up being raised to value my White side more, left me ill equipped to understand my role in the world as a Eurasian man living in a white-dominated culture.

As I got older, I started to look more Asian (I guess by the time I’m 50 I’ll look completely Chinese) which became less compatible with what I was taught, especially since my dad is / was a white nationalist type.

I guess the point is regardless if there are good normal Hapa boys out there, the confusion alone combined with elevated risk for mental heath / inherited psychological flaws puts them at special risk. And if the parents are racist (which they probably will be in some cases, not all) the child has little recourse to deal with it especially if he looks completely Asian.

Part of the whole “not being white” thing is survivable only because one has parents that teach one to cope in a very hostile environment.