White men / Asian women couples are a trade; their half-Asian children are an afterthought; on half-Chinese Mike Sui and Fei Xiang

A couple of things today.

There are some – what, 2 million half-Chinese people worldwide? Maybe more?

The most popular current reigning half-Chinese person in Asia is a guy named Mike Sui who became an overnight sensation after releasing some Youtube videos as a joke.

So out of 2,000,000+ half-Chinese people on the planet, the most successful in the world has a Chinese father.

Some people will stop me now and say, no, he’s not the most famous. The other is a guy named Fei Xiang, who has an American father and a Chinese mother.

That’s true, he is pretty fucking famous. But would you – would you look at that? 

55 years old and never married. What have I been telling you guys? Anyone with half a brain can recognize that it’s extremely problematic for an Asian looking male to be born to an Asian woman who fetishizes white men.

“Freud’s hypothesis was that some early experience of childhood had a determining effect on the direction taken by the homosexual’s libido; e.g., castration anxiety.”


Someone posted this elsewhere. This is a comment from Stuff Eurasians Like. I don’t know which article it’s on but maybe he can find it if he swings by here. It accurately describes how fucked half Asian children are being raised by narcissistic, stuck up, self-absorbed opportunistic fetishists.

“He’d grow out of it eventually.” Noooppe.

Let me put it in big font for you people to get it into your head.

Asian women marry white men because they only care about one thing: STATUS. My parents marriage was a stereotypical WM/AW STATUS marriage.

I often get the sense my dad regrets marrying my mother and having kids. He’s told me things like: “don’t get married too young,” and “Chinese women are really hard on their husbands.” Aside from the fact that my brother is in his 30’s and a mentally-ill virgin, it’s obvious now he probably wishes we had never been born.

Asian women and white men make a trade when they get married / get into relationships.

Asian woman gets:

  • Bragging rights for saying she has a boyfriend from some Western country (it doesn’t matter which one as long as it sounds white and exotic, it could be Ireland for all she cares)
  • Status boost being seen with a white person in public.
  • Sense of satisfaction feeling she’s been accepted into “superior” white culture (superior white culture means, in the Asian woman’s mind, “more fun” or “more romantic” like she sees in Audrey Hepburn movies.)
  • The feeling like “she’s made it” and is of higher value than her full Asian friends.

White man gets:

  • “Love” – which isn’t actually love since he’s being used and doesn’t realize that the best Asian women don’t actually date outta their race. (Trust me on this).
  • Sex (non-existent with my parents)
  • The feeling of getting a beautiful woman with white skin¹ without actually putting in the effort to get a real white woman.

Child gets:

  • Constant abuse for his appearance by members of his father’s race
  • A thousand comments a year on “of course your mom is the Asian one”. (Someone even said this to me last week).
  • Rejected from Asian culture because his mother was “one of those.” Yeah. That’s how they view her: as one of those women who just wants that money, greencard or status. 

¹I emphasize white skin, because let’s be honest, most white guys like white women but white women’s standards are too high or they’re afraid of being “divorce raped” so they go for the next best thing… an Asian woman with “white skin.” Asians are seen as “honorary Aryans.”

The Last Post on This Blog and My Final Words on White Men and Asian Women, and their Half Asian Children

This website will hopefully last for the next few decades. I leave it for whites, blacks, Hapas, and aware-Asians to realize exactly what kind of people are raising Hapas. I intend for it to ultimately be the number one search result for “half Asian issues.”

So far, criticism towards me has been: I’m crazy, I’m misogynistic and my problem isn’t my race, but my attitude.

I am the product of my parents; racist, vile people who got together on the principle of race. I was never destined to be a lovey-dovey person. I am exactly what comes out of an Asian woman who is dense enough to stereotype all Asian men the same way (they’re all violent, they’re all undesirable). Her genes are mine. And now this website will persist in exposing what happens when they reproduce.

I leave you with this quote:

And its the Hapa sons who face it head on. We’ve seen both side. The white men laughingly mocking how Asian men are less than men. And the Asian women who powerfully reinforce it by repeatedly stating that all they want in a man, is that he not be Asian. The fact that these 2 deviants are raising Half Asian sons, is a great tragedy. It is only getting worse.

It’s absolutely terrifying considering who is raising Half Asian sons. Not all, many are loving couples, but there are enough to have brought into the world a new massive demographic that will come of age in the next two decades.

  • If you knew any, you’d realize Asian women who only date White men are vicious people who make it well known to the world that they think Asian men are inferior. White men are well known for their hatred of Asian men, since even the lowest, shortest, bald eat white guy still outranks the best Asian guy in his mind.
  • What is happening is that half Asian sons are being born to people who are openly admitting that Asian men are inferior. If you think this won’t damage a child permanently, think again.
  • Ask any Asian woman with a white male what she thinks of Asian men and you will be terrified to realize she is raising an Asian looking son. Go ahead, I challenge you to do it. 
  • The white men who get with these women are bottom of the barrel white men (short, bald, ugly, or autistic) who use Asian female psychopathy to their advantage (my dad being an autistic loser who used my mother’s status climbing to his benefit in getting married, only to see her become gradually more and more insane). They know  that these women turn down Asian men, yet they too raise Asian looking sons and make a mockery of Asian men. It’s not wonder Hapas as a whole are so screwed up.
  • The parents are parents of hatred, not of love. Hatred for white women, hatred of Asian men, hatred of Asian culture; biculturalism was an afterthought.
  • Being Hapa was just a myth, a slogan, made up by Asian women to give a name to the things they were creating with their hatred.

I leave you with this quote from another Hapa:

Its 2 things.

  1. All other races of women have a strong preference for their own race. Asian women are the ONLY women not to, and so they stick out on this. They are unique. People keep trying to say they are not so different from other minority women. But the outmarriage stats speak for themselves. Asians are special, in a bad way.
  2. If one Asian woman had a preference for white men, it wouldn’t necessarily mean anything. Like if an Indian woman had a fetish for Native American men. The problem is that its because so widespread, to the point that in some areas over half of Asian women outmarry, that its impossible not to see it as against Asian men.

Asian women in WMAF as a collective population, have made clear that Asian men are the least attractive race of males. But then the sons born of this marriage, are still considered Asian males. You know this is true, since you yourself are a 100% Asian-looking Hapa woman. Being an Asian-looking man, born out of a relationship that is anti-Asian male, is extremely traumatic. And thats what much of the suffering on **** is about.

No one has ever said AFs should be required to date AM. But all the Hapa angst you see on this subreddit, is the result of AFs making their choices so ruthlessly, without considering the consequences for the mental health of their own offspring.

This is just going to be a major case of “I told you so.” This has no precedent demographically ever. 

“My Parents Were Not Like That! They Were in Love!”

I’m sure they were, and I’m not being sarcastic. I mean it.

It’s convenient though that love appears to be so color-centric.

Was your mother escaping poverty? Was she too unattractive to find a decent Asian male? If so, yes, it may very well be, and is love.

My mother wasn’t. She deliberately sought out a white male. There are millions of these women and they don’t merely just pass along through life and die; they create children.

I had the privilege of seeing exactly what happens when a woman seeking the All American Prince Charming and the White Picket Fence lifestyle got stuck with a balding office worker and an eight hundred square foot apartment nowhere near a subway line.

Love no longer became a delusion of mine. Pray tell me – assuming white dad was no longer able to provide mom with the fantasy of whiteness and American inclusion – would she still love him?

Mine didn’t. In fact, love wasn’t even there when they first met, and there wasn’t enough money to keep the “love” balloon inflated for more than a few years.

Let’s Hear It! Parents of Half Asian Children!

Let’s hear, in the comments below, how an Asian woman that absolutely refuses to see anything but a white man as attractive, is capable of raising a well adjusted, straight, Asian looking son. Or better yet, how an Asian woman who only sees white men as partners is capable of being a good person.

Let’s get these inevitable exceptions out of the way:

  • Ugly Asian mom who took what she could get
  • Gay Eurasians (which I’m starting to think are in the majority and perfectly happy with their place in the hierarchy)
  • Eurasians that look by some miracle entirely white
  • Gold-digging visa-chaser moms / ex-prostitute moms
  • Eurasians with the .005% right placement of bones that they magically were able to get jobs as models in Asia (see: gay Eurasians)

The comment section is yours! Let’s hear from an Asian woman who only desires white men, or a white male who is with an Asian woman who only desires white men, on his plan to raise a child that is a functional member of society.


Theory on Gay Eurasians / Hapas! One of my main critics revealed to be drag queen.

Warning: probably the most controversial post I’ve ever had.

Serious question: are most Hapas, particularly the “well adjusted kinds,” actually gay?

Hear me out. I’ve been working on this subject for years months.

For a while now around the “Hapa-sphere” there have been jokes made about the emasculation of Hapa sons, and how many of them wind up expressing themselves in a very feminine form of sexuality; whether this is subconscious or deliberate, I don’t know, but since Hapa men are well known to be less sexually privileged than Hapa women, the in-joke was that they essentially took up feminine qualities in response to their emasculation.

There is no way that a half-Asian man would not at least once in his life question why exactly Asian women were obsessed with white men, including our own mothers, but even fewer of them would openly question it, or were just flat out afraid of questioning it, even well into adult hood.

It’s not PC to question it, and even worse is the idea that biologically White men might just be more desirable to women in an evolutionary sense. Even the most white looking Eurasian would at very least think about this once, and moreso witnessing Asian-ness almost exclusively being the orifice into which the White member is pushed, this has to have tremendous latent effects on the child; in my case this led to a decade of me trying to look as white as possible, even losing huge amounts of weight to do so.

I do believe that homosexuality is natural, but I also think it can be influenced by Freudian influences, and moreover I think that gay men, in particular, Eurasian gay men, are able to weather the anti-Asian male storm of being a WMAW Hapa much better, especially since their desire for women isn’t so forward, and moreso,

in being a gay Eurasian, they are able to find acceptance as a bottom to Whiteness much easier, rather than straight Eurasians who wish to be tops, naturally. 

I have a theory that many Hapas, in response to the brutal emasculation in their brain, wherein they see White dominating Asian, and lack any sort of masculine influence in their lives that represents half of themselves, develop feminized or de-sexualized sexualities, and since gay men are as privileged as women in being able to find their place in the gay-hierarchy, naturally these Hapas would be sharply critical of straight Hapas who protest the difficulty of understanding the prevalence of WM/AW relationships. I.e., gay Hapa men are essentially on the same standing as straight Hapa women.

Moreover, the prevalence of Hapas with conservative fathers (not only the sexpats, but the run of the mill English teachers, and especially GI’s stationed abroad married to extremely conservative Korean or Catholic Philippinos), would imply that the the incentive to stay closeted is much, much greater.

This “rumor” which originated on /r/Hapas started first with Congressman Mike Honda’s granddaughter.


Then it turned out that the founder of Hapas.com had underwent a sex change operation to become a woman.

The Founder of Hapas.com, the oldest Hapas web forum started in 2002

Then it was revealed several prominent transgendered people were Hapas:



Then it was suspected that a “normal Hapa,” the “Hot Cop of Castro” who looks largely white, has a GI dad and a Korea mom, was gay; since he was in his thirties, unmarried, and deliberately chose to police the single most gay district in America. Coincidentally he got caught two weeks ago during a hit and run in San Francisco. He claims he’s straight, but who would tell an American GI and a conservative Korean mother than one is gay?

Last year, the Hapas Subreddit had a number of critics, a handful of them being Hapas. One of the most notable ones made several comments, such as:


It turns out the creator of this post, during some web-digging, is married to a woman. It also turns out that he moonlights as a very, very dedicated drag queen and has a Twitter page filled to the brim with pictures of him in drag.


And who is that next to him, on the left? None other than the Manila drag queen, also a Hapa, from earlier in this post.

Problem solved.

Is it possible for a white man and an Asian woman, both of whom passively assert that Asian men are completely undesirable on a fundamental level, to have a child capable of weathering this tremendous hurdle?

Yes, they are.

Why Politics Mean Nothing to a Eurasian

Why do Asian women love white men? Is it because Asian men are unattractive? Is it because Asian men are patriarchal assholes?

The answer is that it doesn’t matter; the outcome is the same. A Eurasian male. Having children and giving them a good life goes well beyond being able to have mutual attraction and having sex; and even if the mutual attraction is structured as such because of biological or political reasons, the fact remains that the child is still stuck with the outcome of being an Eurasian male (and more often than not, an ASIAN LOOKING MALE) born to a man and woman who cared little for the issues of Asian men. 

Read More »

Stop Listing Philipino Hapas as “Successful Eurasians”

For whatever reason it looks like whenever there’s a successful Hapa listed, 9/10 times his mother is Philipino.

I was trying to think why, and I honestly do think that this is because the women in the Philippines are so poor that out marriage is there only option to survival, not hatred.

It’s totally different from guys with mothers who actively look at avoid Asian men totally and spend their youth chasing white men and demeaning Asian men. This seems to be the Chinese / Korean and maybe Japanese category.

To the White Males Telling Me It’s All in My Head

That I suffer from social dysfunction.

A heads up:

I am not socially dysfunctional. I was reasonably well adjusted up until the point that I was brutally treated for a reason that had to do with my race. I am not going to make more and more articles about these experiences as simple back search can revisit them.

Who the FUCK is a white person, who never had the experience of being rudely denied something that is fundamentally attainable for any white person (including my own father), to claim that a Eurasian male, the son of a White father and an Asian mother, who was denied more than once basic things: access to social groups, dates, employment, etc., that it’s all fundamentally in my head?

Social dysfunction, if anything, is developed after a series of negative results that severely limit ones self esteem.

By and large, white males, who benefit from a system that rewards them for whiteness – particularly among Asian women – to tell Asian and Eurasian men that they are in the wrong for pointing this out?

The only thing they’re doing is visibly encouraging me to keep on pushing this issue.

The bottom line is: the White male / Asian female relationship is based explicitly or not so explicitly on the superiority of the white male (in providing lifestyle, looks, sex, genes, whatever), and the Eurasian son is neither categorically able to provide these things to both his inherent cultures (Asian and white).

No amount of coping or lies changes the reality of being Eurasian

Asian women marry men simply because they are white and because Asian men are not good enough.

The son himself will be Asian. This is an undeniable fact.

  • “My wife isn’t like that.” Yes, she is.
  • “I’ll raise my sons to be different.” You will try, and then they will inevitably be blockaded by biology, the same thing that drove your own wife away from Asian men.
  • “You need to embrace self improvement.” Did you? Your wife selected you for your race – you had no need for self improvement.

I’ve said it so many times, but nothing you can do, no amount of coping, no amount of lies can change biology.

For non-Asian men in relationships with Asian women

Imagine, for a minute, that you were part of an ethnic group of men that for some reason were so unappealing to women of their own race, despite every quality of themselves being supposedly fine, that their women wound up, for whatever reason, in the arms of non-Asian men – not by the thousands but by the millions.

Now imagine your own son who looks more or less like this spurned ethnic group. No matter what he does, how he looks, he will continue to witness women who look like his own mother spurning men who look like him.

Good luck.

By the way I took my childhood picture down because this site is on its way being the number one site for white male / Asian women relationships. It’s only a matter of time before someone I know finds it.